Back to Work Ltd.  has changed my life and allowed me to harness and strengthen previously undiscovered talents.  It has also granted me unprecedented opportunities. Back to Work helped me jump start my career by introducing me to top-flight  journalists from the Baltimore Post-Examiner, who helped me develop a strong portfolio of clips and gave me national exposure.

For example, last year I was interviewed by ABC’s Good Morning America after breaking a story that made national headlines.  I have subsequently broken other stories that have garnered significant attention as well.

The Baltimore Post-Examiner has also provided myself and many others with the equivalent of a post-graduate education in conjunction with studious mentorship, and has effectively facilitated the transfer of crucial knowledge and skills that are essential to obtaining gainful employment.

Prior to arriving at the Post-Examiner eighteen months ago, I had tried various careers and was unsure of my future prospects.  That is no longer the case.

I am currently covering the General Assembly in Annapolis for another publication, while maintaining my duties as the Post-Examiner’s social media director.  Both of these experiences have proved invaluable and are directly correlated in that effective writing is just as important as effective promotion.

I strongly encourage journalists to get in touch with Back to Work and watch your career take off.

Bryan M. Renbaum

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